December 4, 2017
3 months and 13 days since
the event.
LLT Academy’s Annual Falcon Fun Run
Our school is always looking for ways to enhance the educational experiences of our students, and we have consistently set a high bar for ourselves. Our Falcon Fun Run is one way to give us the opportunity to do so; however, this is an optional fundraiser.
100% of donations stay at LLT Academy!
The Falcon Fun Run is the main fundraiser for LLT Academy. It will raise money for the school, which will benefit your child and help make the school a better place for all children.

Our 2017 goal is to raise $30,000
The goal was set with a goal of $50 average per student. This year we hope to raise funds to help with our technology based programs. We are working toward having a 1:1 ratio of technology devices for our students. The Fun Run, as a whole, not only brings in much needed funds for our school, but also teaches all of our students how important a common goal is. All students at LLT Academy will benefit from the Fun Run, regardless of financial giving. There are incentive prizes for students to earn at different levels. 
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